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If you are looking to get help with debt near you and you are asking yourself “Should I get debt help near me” with a local debt charity or “Should I get debt help from a national debt charity” then we have produced the below information that may help you make this decision.

DAS Scotland’s website has been optimised for the best possible mobile, tablet, laptop and PC experience possible to give you the facts as clearly and as quickly as possible. However, we also encourage you to call an expert debt advisor on 0141 380 0588 for instant debt help.

In our experiences, debt advice from a local debt charity and national debt charities and fee-charging organisation can give you the instant peace of mind that you seek.

Most, if not all debt advice experts should be authorised to give debt advice by the FCA. The Financial Conduct Authority is the official body that oversees many financial products in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Every authorised representative will display their FCA number on their site. DAS Scotland’s is 669760. We are an appointed representative of Debt Saving Solution, you are fully authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

This should be the first thing that you look for on any website that you visit. Or if you receive any telephone calls from prospective debt counsellors, this should be the asked. You can check that information on the FCA’s website.

If you are starting to look for debt help near you, perhaps without even realising it, you are taking the first steps towards becoming debt free.

1. Debt Level
2. Homeowner Status
3. Income & Expenditure
4. Other Assets
5. Number of Creditors
6. Types of Debts (Priority, Non-Priority. Unsecured/Secured. Joint. Guarantor)

In our expert debt advisors experiences, almost everyone with unaffordable debt qualifies for one form or debt management or another.

A second opinion is never a bad thing – Even if you are further down the line in a process with one debt charity or commercial organisation, speaking to another debt advisor can give you further peace of mind. That debt advice should be consistent and based on your affordability.

If you are looking to get debt help near you, then another consideration is how ‘pushy’ any advisor may seem. If you feel uncomfortable with the call, or that you are being ‘sold’ to then it is OK to end that call and seek an alternative money advisor.

The initial debt advice should always be free, without any obligation to proceed and any compliant individual or company will be respectful of this.

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Our official DAS Scotland office opening hours are:
Monday-Thursday: 8.30am – 20:00pm.
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We are contactable outside of these hours if you are experiencing a debt emergency.

Debt Level

Amount of debt you have
Unsecured debts such as: Credit Cards, Council Tax Arrears, Store Cards, Catalogues, Personal Loans, Bank Overdrafts. Credit Unions, Mortgage Shortfalls, Car Finance, HMRC Bills
£1,000 £50,000
Amount you can afford each month
All debt solutions are based on your affordability to repay each month
50 Per Month800 Per Month

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